Install o2m from Docker hub images
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Install o2m from Docker hub images


Docker running on the target host

Role Variables

  • o2m_name: name of the o2m instance
  • o2m_data: data dir for o2m instances
  • o2m_version: pinned version of o2m
  • o2m_discord_token: bot token from Discord
  • o2m_feed_urls: comma separated list of Podcast RSS feeds to watch
  • o2m_nickname: nickname (or display name) for this current bot instance
  • o2m_guild_id: guild id for current o2m instance
  • o2m_timer: time between each check



Example Playbook

- hosts: servers
     - { role: galaxy-o2m, o2m_discord_token: XXXXXX, o2m_guild_id: XXXXXX, o2m_feed_urls:, o2m_name: example }