Galaxy role to install Grafana on Debian
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Install Grafana on Debian



Role Variables

  • grafana_name: name of the grafana instance
  • grafana_signup: true/false, is signup enabled ?
  • grafana_anon_access: true/false, is anon access enabled ?
  • grafana_anon_org: if anon access enabled, what org id should be used ?
  • grafana_proto: grafana protocol (http/https)
  • grafana_domain: domain name of the grafana instance
  • grafana_bind_iface: grafana interface bind selection
  • grafana_port: grafana port
  • grafana_url_port: grafana port (can be changed if a reverse proxy is used)
  • grafana_admin_user: grafana admin username
  • grafana_admin_pass: grafana admin password



Example Playbook

- hosts: servers
     - role: galaxy-grafana

Run tests

Needs galaxy-vagrant to run tests

Ensure galaxy-vagrant is up

ansible-playbook -i tests/inventory tests/test.yml