Install Caddy webserver on Debian
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Install and update Caddy webserver on Debian



Role Variables

  • caddy_home: home of caddy user
  • caddy_logs: logs directory
  • caddy_conf: conf directory
  • caddy_confd: confd directory
  • caddy_www: directory used to store websites sources
  • caddy_email: email used to register ACME/Let's Encrypt stuff
  • caddy_update: yes/no - activate caddy updates
  • test_url: url used for the test page
  • test_acme: should the test page use acme or internal HTTPS
  • test_name: name of the test
  • test_code: test page source code directory
  • test_www: yes/no - enable redirection from www. to .



Example Playbook

- hosts: servers
     - { role: galaxy-caddy, test_url: }

Run tests

Needs galaxy-vagrant to run tests

Ensure galaxy-vagrant is up

ansible-playbook -i tests/inventory tests/test.yml